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Two Creation Apologetics in the WELS

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Bill Nye Explains Evolution in 90 Seconds

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Proclaiming the Truth of Jesus to a Postmodern World
2014 by Allen Quist;  
Apologetics (defending the faith) from Scripture and from reason
regarding Christ, evolution, and postmodernism.

Added to "Essays by Others"
Apologetics in Lutheranism -The Doctrine  of Creation in Lutheran Apologetics
Allen Quist, 2014, 30 pages

"In its broad sense, apologetics includes the use of the law to show the folly of unbelief, and also the
use of the gospel in giving the reason for Christian hope. ... Historical and other external evidence
and argument from sources apart from Scripture are a useful and important part of Christian apologetics
in that they lay bare and condemn the presumption of unbelief and skepticism,
but they neither verify nor authenticate Scripture as God's revelation."
This essay examines the evidence for evolution presented by Bill Nye in his debate with Ken Ham. 
It is in our Essays By Others library and is referenced on our Creation Apologetics page.

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