Ken Ham Agrees With Atheists —
On One Point

Atheists are sometimes closer to the truth than
are Christian apologists for evolution.

Summary: Ken Ham, founder and head of Answers in Genesis, says
he is siding with atheists, for once.  Ham was disturbed by a recent
story in
Christianity Today entitled "The Search for the Historical Adam"
which quoted some Christian evolutionists who believe much of Genesis
to be an allegory.  Francis Collins of BioLogos and other scientists and
theologians claim a literal view of Adam and Eve simply "did not fit the
evidence," and they suggested different theories such as that the story
of Adam was a "story of Israelite origins" rather than the origin of all

Ham says these scholars were compromising “God’s Word with man’s
fallible beliefs about evolution, millions of years, etc.”   Ham has long
advanced his belief in a six-day 24-hour creation and a literal Adam and
Eve.  He says that compromising on Genesis opens a dangerous door,
and Christians must preserve the Bible's authority as 100% true
through a strong teaching of the first book.

Collins's website, on the other hand, claims to represent the harmony of
science and faith, and Collins found no conflict in viewing Genesis as "a
poetic and powerful allegory."  In his view, God could have used the
Adam and Eve account to advocate for a spiritual and moral nature.  
He also believes science has shown anatomically modern ancestors of
humans numbering some 10,000 individuals emerged perhaps 100,000
years ago — long before the Genesis account would have occurred.  
Other evangelicals such as Peter Enns and Dr. Bruce Waitke are in

Christianity Today said if AiG's claims are true, “[it] would... demolish
Darwinism because such a brief chronology offers no time for
evolutionary processes to occur.”  The magazine called this "the major
theological battle in Christianity in the 21st century" and, as if to
support Ham's fears, said the "emerging science" could challenge
traditional Christian views regarding humans being made "in the image
of God," original sin and the Fall, the genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel
of Luke, and, significantly, Paul's teaching that links a historical Adam
with redemption through Christ (1 Corinthians 15:22).

For his part, Ham referred to a post featured on American Atheists
which said “No Adam and Eve means no need for a savior...It also
means that the Bible cannot be trusted as a source of unambiguous,
literal truth. It is completely unreliable, because it all begins with a
myth, and builds on that as a basis. No Fall of Man means no need
for atonement and no need for a redeemer. You know it.”   Ham noted
it was a sad day when atheists understood Christianity better than did
many Christians.

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Comment: I have said it before that groups like Francis Collins's
BioLogos and Hugh Ross's Reasons to Believe are more dangerous
than atheists because they present themselves as true evangelical
organizations.  But Jesus warned, “
Watch out for false prophets. They
come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious
" (Matthew 7:15).  An outspoken atheist like Richard Dawkins,
who comes to us as a wolf dressed like a wolf, is much less of a threat
because he is so rude at times most Christians are not likely to be
deluded into adopting his opinions.  

Without evidence to the contrary, I must believe that the scholars
involved with BioLogos and Reasons to Believe really do believe that
evolution is an established principle of science and are looking for
reasons not to give up on Christianity entirely.  But if we listen only to
them, we will be fooled.  As the
Christian Post article makes clear,
evolutionism, whether dressed in religious or secular garb, invariably
can lead to confusion regarding the origin of sin, the creation of the
soul, and the need for a Savior.

Here is where the leading creationist organizations are coming to the
Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research,
Creation Ministries International, the Creation Research Society, and
other creationist groups are doing good work in exposing the flaws and
pseudoscience in evolutionist thinking.  They make BioLogos and
Reasons to Believe completely unnecessary.  While creation science
can never scientifically prove such creationist beliefs as the existence
of Adam and Eve or creation in six 24-hour days (which must be
accepted by faith), it is showing that there are no scientific reasons for
abandoning our commitment to a literal Genesis.  

Many creationist scientists indicate they were once evolutionists.  A
book called
Persuaded by the Evidence includes testimonials of dozens
of scientists and other educated persons who, for scientific reasons,
gave up on the theory of evolution.  In many cases, it appears their
subsequent searching for the truth led them to the Bible and a new life
in Christ.  I, myself, for a short time in college was under the influence of
a theistic evolutionist biology professor before seeing the light, so I
know where these former evolutionists are coming from.

Let's pray that the BioLogos and Reasons to Believe folks and all other
theistic evolutionists might see how their efforts are hurting the Lord's
work.  God willing, they may yet be led to take another look at His Word
and find the truth.  "
For nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37).  
And that includes the possible conversion of evolutionists, even the
Christian ones.  

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Neil Cadman wrote: Christians need to wake up to themselves; the
reason society is so bad is that the Church is so bad, and the reason
the Church is so bad is because the pastors are so bad, and the
reason the pastors are so bad is that the theologians are bad. There
seems to be deliberate undermining of the Church from within.
Everyone needs to note. "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak
not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them."
Isa 8:20 and read their Bibles and when the pastors differ from it, ignore
them and regard them as a fool. Never go to a Church where the pastor
does not plead with you to read your Bible.
Jordan wrote: It seems the issue of the historicity of Adam is being
debated within the Biologos community, with some (e.g., Denis
Alexander, Tim Keller) arguing for his historicity, and some (e.g.,
Denis Lamoureux, Peter Enns) arguing against it. Interestingly, Enns'
reason for rejecting the historical Adam is purely textual. Should be
an interesting debate to watch.

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