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Confessional Lutheran Resources for Confirmation, High School, or Adult Bible Class. 

by Mark Bergemann

This lesson book condenses nearly 200 pages of articles into six lessons covering 24 pages.

Evolutionists and Creationists Often Agree
There are many points of agreement on natural selection
Mark Bergemann, 2019

16 pages
"Let’s examine how one of the most famous champions of evolution, Richard Dawkins, describes natural selection’s ability to produce new Biblical kinds.  After writing nine books on evolution, Dawkins realized that in those books 'The evidence for evolution was nowhere explicitly set out.'   In The Greatest Show on Earth—The Evidence for Evolution, Dawkins states, 'This book is my personal summary of the evidence that the theory of evolution is actually a fact—as incontrovertible as any fact in science.'”

Essays on Origins
Dr. David Menton, 1996
22 essays, 46 pages.

Did God Use Evolution To Create?
Video by Mark Bergemann

-- Why do some Christians believe in millions of years?
-- How do they attempt to make the Bible conform to millions of years?
-- Scripture shows these Christians place their Christian faith in jeopardy.

Creation-Evolution Q&A 
Warren Krug, LSI Journal 2013.
24 creation/evolution questions with answers. 21 pages.

Book of Nature
part 1 - 
What We Can Learn About God From Nature 
part 2 - What Nature Doesn't Tell Us 
part 3 - A Conflict Between Nature and the Bible? 
Warren Krug, LSI Journal 2007.  10 pages.

Views expressed on this website, especially those from sources other than LSI, are not necessarily the views of LSI.  In addition, LSI is a WELS group.  There is theological variance between the WELS and some of the Confessional Lutheran church bodies represented in essays and books found on this website. 

This video shows why evolution is incompatible with the Christian faith.  It can be shown in three sections of 8-10 minutes per section. 
Transcript of this video (and student handout)   
Download in HD or SD from our Vimeo site.

The Doctrinal Conclusions of Evolution
C. W. Spaude, essay delivered to the WELS Western Wisconsin District Convention, Watertown, Wisconsin,
June 5-7, 1972.
9 pages.

God Creates Our World
A self-study course on how God made us and the world
Original text produced by the Institutional Ministries Committee of the Commission on Special Ministries of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Copyright © 2006.  Text adapted by Multi-Language Publications of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod in 2007.  All cover and black and white illustrations are the work of Glenn Myers. Rights to Glenn Myers’ illustrations reserved by Northwestern Publishing House.  90 pages.  6MB file