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» Scientists: Octopuses Were Originally Aliens

Researchers are impressed with the complexity of cephalopods.

An international group of more than 30 scientists is offering a new theory that cephalopods (squids, octopuses, cuttlefish) originally came to Earth from elsewhere in the universe. In a paper published in Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, the scientists are attempting to explain how at least one form of life on Earth may have originated. The idea that cephalopods were once aliens is one of the ideas presented.

These scientists disagree with the common notion among secularists that cephalopods evolved to their present form on Earth. Instead, they are proposing that the ancestors of these creatures arrived on Earth frozen in an icy comet. The “great leap forward” in complexity shown by octopuses and other cephalopods was made possible by “cryopreserved squid and/or octopus eggs” crashing into the ocean on comets millions of years ago.

“Evidence of the role of extraterrestrial viruses in affecting terrestrial evolution has recently been plausibly implied in the gene and transcriptome sequencing of Cephalopods,” the researchers write. “The genome of the Octopus shows a staggering level of complexity with 33,000 protein-coding genes more than is present in Homo sapiens.”

The scientists are impressed with the large brain and complex nervous system, camera-like eyes, and flexible bodies of octopuses, and their ability to instantly camouflage themselves by quickly changing their shape and color. “Just a few of the striking features that appear suddenly on the evolutionary scene,” the paper says.

Secular scientists have long been studying the possibility that life originated elsewhere in outer space, and there have been many proposals for how biological material from other worlds seeded a young Earth and began the “evolution of life” to its present forms.

It is admitted, however, that proving these ideas is next to impossible, especially when focusing on just one group of animals arriving on our planet from space. Determining if a species resulted from gradual mutations via evolution or whether it came here on a space object is very difficult.

Comment: Once again we are provided evidence that evolutionary scientists have no idea how life could have evolved from non-life here on Earth. If there was clear evidence for abiogenesis (life from non-life), we wouldn’t be hearing about all these fantastic ideas for why we have living creatures around us. Of course, pushing the idea that life originated far out in space doesn’t really answer the question of how abiogenesis could possibly happen. It’s just an “out of sight, out of mind” attempt to ignore a serious problem for secularists.

These scientists who are offering the proposal that octopuses came to Earth in a comet are obviously impressed by the complexity of Cephalopods. When it comes to having protein-coding genes, they are more complex even than we humans. They can also instantly change their shape and color, something we can’t do.

Yet, many other creatures have been suggested as being more “complex” than are humans. According to one website, creatures such as water flies, mustard, snapping shrimp, dolphins, and the common amoeba are among species which in one respect or another may be considered more complex than Homo sapiens.

Even a mere biological cell is very complex. Creationist Shaun Doyle has written, “Cells have libraries, translation services, maintenance systems, waste disposal systems, internal and external communication networks, food location devices, food processing plants, power plants, transportation systems, and all sorts of different production industries. And on top of this, it [sic] has an automated self-replication system.”

Note also how the scientists admit that certain octopus features “appeared suddenly” on the scene, an admission it seems that there is no evidence in nature of transitional fossils for these features.

Bible-believing Christians have no problem with abiogenesis because we know it never happened. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1) explains why we have life on Earth and why this life is so complex. It also explains why some species or kinds of living things may seem to be more complex in one or more respects than are humans. God designed each creature as He so desired, and each creature has been given the gifts it needs to survive.

In the end, God made humans to be the supreme creature, creating us from the dust of the ground, unlike the other forms of life which He merely spoke into existence. We obviously have the ability to control all other living things including octopuses. Alone among all His creatures, we have been given an immortal soul. Alone among all forms of life, we have been promised eternity in heaven, a gift offered to us through faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior from sin. Let us then not reject the Holy Spirit when He comes to us offering His gifts of faith and salvation. We are blessed not to be octopuses.

Reference: Mike Wehner, “International group of scientists suggest that octopuses might actually be aliens,” BGR News/Yahoo News [May 17, 2018].


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Seahorses have no teeth or real stomachs. So how do they eat?

They must dissolve their meal very quickly as it heads for their intestines. Because food passes through them so fast, they must eat constantly. One seahorse can eat 3,000 brine shrimp in a day.

Source: Karina Altman, “Magnificent Monsters,” Answers [May-June, 2018], page 21.


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