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Games Richard Dawkins Plays
Stueber, Jefferey 

Geologic Column
Bergemann, Mark 

Dawkins: Evolution is Implausible
Bergemann, Mark 

Look at the Intelligent Design Movement
Krug, Warren 

Can a Christian be a Good Scientist?
Hein, Robert  

Why Evolution is a Religious Belief Part 3
Stueber, Jeffrey 

Biological Cell as a Witness to Divine Creation
Kautz, Darrel  

Creation Evolution QA
Krug, Warren  
24 popular questions 

Creation Evolution QA with cover
Krug, Warren 
24 popular questions 

Two Creation Apologetics ... Taught in the WELS
7 Article Collection 

Christian Stewardship; Global Warming: View 1
God and Global Warming 

Christian Stewardship; Global Warming: View 2
Krug, Editor Warren 
Human-Caused Slight 

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Showing records 241 through 252.

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Articles published in the LSI Journal have been committee reviewed for accuracy since 2010, but even so, views expressed in LSI Journal articles are not necessarily the views of LSI, since there are often multiple scientific views which are consistent with Scripture.


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