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SALE on CAVE issue of LSI Journal
SALE: 40% off regular price on multiple copies of the color print LSI Journal, fall 2017 cave issue. LSI placed a large quantity print order for this issue, resulting in a lower piece cost. Here we pass the savings on to you.

All prices include shipping within the continental USA. Shipping to other locations can be quoted. This sale may end at any time, or when stock of this issue is depleted.
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SALE Prices: Fall 2017 Cave issue.
Prices listed are for shipment to the continental USA. Pricing for other locations will depend on shipping costs.

* Select quantity. Prices shown are 40% off the regular bulk price listed in the bulk pricing form on this website*
 3 copies for $3.60 ($1.20 per copy)
 7 copies for $6.90 ($0.99 per copy) 
 14 copies for $13.44 ($0.96 per copy) 
 21 copies for $18.96 ($0.90 per copy) 
 30 copies for $23.40 ($0.78 per copy)
 60 copies for $46.80 ($0.78 per copy)
 100 copies for $71.40 ($0.71 per copy)
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