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 Evolution: A Lutheran Response -LSI Lesson Book 2nd ed.
 What is the Evidence for Common Descent? -summer 2022
 Teaching Discernment Using Evolution Videos -fall 2019
 Evolutionists and Creationists Often Agree -spring 2019
 Are You Suffering? and Theistic Evolution -spring 2021
 Learn to Critique Evolution Textbooks -summer 2021
 Danger: Polite Evolutionists from NSTA -spring 2020
 Do You Know the Basics of Evolution? -spring 2022
 Did Dinosaurs Roam the Earth? -winter 2020
 Christian Doctrine in Genesis -winter 2022
 Is There a Scientific Method? -winter 2021
 Conversation with an Atheist -fall 2021
 Logical Fallacies -summer 2020
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