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Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly
Publication in WLQ

An article by LSI president Mark Bergemann has been published in the summer 2016 issue of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary's theological journal (Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly - WLQ). "The Narrow Lutheran Middle Road for Creation" is an expanded version of an article of the same title previously published by LSI.  The WLQ version is 20% longer.  

To our knowledge, this is only the second WLQ article centering on apologetics since at least 1950.  The first article was, "Creation, Science, and Our Approach in Apologetics," by Dr. Arthur A. Eggert (Fall 2015).  These two creation apologetics articles were published only nine months apart.  Publication of these articles reflects the desire of our WELS leadership to better define the Lutheran position regarding creation apologetics. 

LSI continues to encourage discussion of creation apologetics while working to help better define a Lutheran position.   A  February 2012 effort at defining a Lutheran position was  “The  Place of Reason in Defending the Christian Faith – with ministry ideas regarding creation / evolution.”  Continued discussions led to LSI publishing a collection of seven articles by five authors under the title, “Two Creation Apologetics with Opposing Views of Science are Taught in the WELS.”     In fall 2015 nearly 1,000 WELS pastors, teachers, and lay Sunday School teachers completed the LSI Survey of Creation Apologetics.   For 30 years the LSI Journal has provided articles and commentary on creation apologetics.  Circulation of the LSI Journal has quadrupled in the past two years and now exceeds 650 copies per issue plus hundreds of other views on our website.