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MLC Creation Apologetics Courses
Martin Luther College
Continuing Education online courses
Creation Apologetics 101 and 102


What is a Confessional Lutheran response to millions of years?

What would you say to a student who continues to be tempted by evolution?

How do some Christians attempt to make the Bible conform to millions of years?

What are the many unproven assumptions which direct and constrain evolution theory?

How do the creation apologetics of a Confessional Lutheran differ from that of a Baptist?

    Creation Apologetics 101 answers these questions and more. 
Creation Apologetics 102 goes in-depth, building on that foundation.
For a brief summary of what this course teaches, see the video series Evolution—A Christian Response.  If you find those videos of interest, and wish to gain a fuller understanding of using that material in ministry, consider taking the MLC course Creation Apologetics 101.  Many glowing reviews have been received from the 75 teachers, pastors, and laity who have taken this course. 

Creation Apologetics 101
MLC course SCI9001, 1-credit, 5 weeks,
Try to register at least 3 weeks before class begins (you can register as late as the day before class begins):
next class may not be untill fall 2024. 

   Lesson 1:  Introductions.
   Lesson 2:  What is Creation Apologetics? 
   Lesson 3:  Creation Apologetics Used in the WELS.
   Lesson 4:  A Closer Look at Science. 
   Lesson 5:  Did God Use Evolution to Create? 
   Lesson 6:  Exploring Creation Apologetics.
   Lesson 7:  Creation Apologetics in the Classroom.
   Lesson 8:  Reflection.
Creation Apologetics 102  
MLC course SCI9002, 1-credit, 5 weeks, 101 is prerequisite.
Try to register at least 3 weeks before class begins (you can register as late as the day before class begins):
next class may not be until fall 2024.  

   Lesson 1:  Introductions, Review of Creation Apologetics 101.
   Lesson 2:  Know Evolution: The Evolution Story is a Mixture of Reality and Fabrication (Part 1).
   Lesson 3:  Poor Apologetics.
   Lesson 4:  Creation Apologetics Organizations.
   Lesson 5:  Know Evolution: The Evolution Story is a Mixture of Reality and Fabrication (Part 2).
   Lesson 6:  Critiquing Books By Evolutionists.
   Lesson 7:  Integrating Creation Apologetics into the Classroom.
   Lesson 8:  Reflection.

Work on Your Schedule
    These online courses are taught asynchronously, meaning that you do the work on your schedule, but you still must meet regular due dates.  This particular course allows you to do much of the work up to one week in advance.  Student discussions are a significant part of the learning process, and those discussions take place over specific one or two day periods.  Students are expected to log in to class a minimum of five days per week during this five week course.
Your Time Commitment
    MLC requires that online courses have the same student workload as face-to-face courses, which is roughly 37.5 hours per credit.  The actual workload will vary widely from student to student.  A few students may complete Creation Apologetics 101 in only 30 hours, a few others may require 55 hours, but most should be closer to 37.5 hours.  If the material is new to you, and you wish to learn as much as possible, then you will probably need more than 45 hours to complete this course. 
    Your course instructor is Mark Bergemann, a retired electrical engineer whose pastimes include maintaining the gardens and forest on his half-acre “estate” (which includes two bamboo groves), watching Japanese anime, and studying theology.  For decades his passion has been to study and write about creation apologetics.  More than 30 years of leading evangelism programs provide a solid foundation for his apologetic endeavors.  For many years he directed summer VBS, Christmas-For-Kids, and outreach booths at community fairs, all while serving as chair of his congregation’s Evangelism Board.  He currently serves as president, editor, and webmaster of the Lutheran Science Institute, a 47 year old WELS affiliated creation apologetics ministry.  

    Per the MLC 2018 - 2020 Continuing Education Handbook, "Students may audit courses.  ...Auditing online courses requires completion of all course assignments and activities, but no grade or credit is issued. Online audits pay the same tuition and fees as students taking courses for credit."

    Use the following MLC links for more information about online courses and to enroll.  MLC opens registration for each semester a few months before that semester begins.  


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