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Lessons on Creation Apologetics
a Lutheran Response
second edition

This 48-page LSI Lesson Book summarizes 263 pages of articles and provides links to free pdfs for those who wish to read those articles.  The first edition of this LSI Lesson Book was published in January 2019 as the winter edition of the LSI Journal. By fall 2019, that first edition was in use at dozens of congregations for adult Bible study and in use as a student text in many grade schools, high schools, and colleges.  Pdf copies of this lesson book have been downloaded in large numbers, and 8,800 copies have been printed.  

A series of ten videos in English and Spanish, based on this lesson book, are recommended for use in schools (grades 5-12) and for congregational adult Bible study. 

A Bible study based on these videos is FREE: Download the 41-page Video Bible Study Leader Guide.

             a Lutheran Response
                                   second edition

  Table of Contents

 18 Key Concepts for a Lutheran Response

    Lesson 1:
Theological Foundations

    Lesson 2: The Nature of Science
    Lesson 3: A Lutheran Response

    Lesson 4: Natural Selection

    Lesson 5: Dating Methods

    Lesson 6: Fossils

    Lesson 7: In the Classroom
 Help for Congregations