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Teaching Discernment
-using evolution videos

We must teach our students to be discerning regarding the claims of evolution.  On a near daily basis the world entices them to deny their creator.  We can teach them skills to evaluate evolutionary claims and separate the true parts of evolution from the false parts.  A good way of achieving this goal is to expose our students to quality videos that present compelling reasons why the evolutionary claims of millions of years and common descent are true.  Then, as a class, we can evaluate the evolutionary claims presented and find those claims are not really compelling. 

Bill Nye video
[grades 5-8]

In a 2-minute video, Bill Nye explains how evolutionists imagine that hydrogen gas turned into people, over billions of years, all by itself.  This video and creationist commentary is HERE. 

The Beak of the Finch video
 [grade 5 to adult]

A more substantial video is “The Beak of the Finch” which chronicles forty years of research on finch evolution in the Galápagos Islands.  This film is intended for classroom use and can be downloaded and used for educational purposes.  A transcript is available and the video is in both English and Spanish.  The film is aimed at high school students, but can be used down to 5th grade and also for adult classes. 

The video and transcript can be downloaded HERE

An extensive creationist commentary is on pages 18-29 of the fall 2019 LSI Journal