• Ten Short Videos
    Dating Methods
    Ape to Man?
  • Origin of Life
    Noah's Flood
    Fossils and Rocks
    Natural Selection
    Creation Apologetics
  • Old Earth Creationism
    Bill Nye Video
Video Course
Evolution -a Christian Response

A ten lesson video course produced through a partnership of the Lutheran Science Institute (LSI) and WELS Multi-Language Productions (MLP) for distribution by LSI, MLP, TELL, and Academia Cristo.  

Recommended for grades 5-12, college students, and adult Bible study.  Based on the 48-page LSI Lesson Book

A Bible study based on these videos is FREE: Download the 42-page Video Bible Study Leader Guide.

Watch the videos in the streaming screens below or from the LSI YouTube page.  If you wish to download the video files, go to the LSI Video DOWNLOAD page.  Each video file is 265 – 415 MB. 

SPANISH version is here.

This video series was produced for a creationist audience, but evolutionists are invited to watch as well.