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Video Bible Study
Bible Study
on the video series:
Evolution -A Christian Response
grades 5-12, college students, and adults

FREE 42-page Leader Guide


            This Bible study can easily be formatted for 1-10 sessions of 20-60 minutes each.  Any single video will work for a single session study.  Any combination of videos also works well.  The videos are 6–10 minutes in length, so showing one video and briefly discussing it can be done in 20 minutes.  Such short discussions would work well in grade 5–12 classrooms.  About 30 minutes per video is recommended for congregational adult Bible studies.  All ten videos could then be shown and discussed in five 60-minute sessions. 
            Discussion leaders should study the articles on which each video is based.  Articles recommended in this Leader Guide can be read in about 25 minutes (per video).  The video series is based on the LSI Lesson Book (2nd ed.), which in turn summarizes articles from the LSI Journal.  Journal articles listed in the closings of videos 2–10, and in this Leader Guide, are available in pdf.  The pdf versions are free.  Those who wish print versions can purchase a 26-book set (over 850 pages).  These 24 books provide depth of detail to better understand the videos, well beyond what is recommended as minimal leader preparation. 
            For adult Bible study and even for some classroom settings, everyone present could be given a print copy of the LSI Lesson Book on which the videos are based.  It can be purchased in bulk
            This Leader Guide should be helpful for any and every Bible study format, such as teachers showing and discussing a single video in 20 minutes, or pastors showing all ten videos over five 60-minute Sunday morning adult Bible studies.  The discussion leader should at least mention each of the “Primary Points,” even if time does not allow for their discussion.  The discussion leader should read the “Deeper Study” articles in preparation for class.  The time required to read each (at 200 words per minute) is listed.