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Creation Apologetics

Confessional Lutheran Resources

on Creation Apologetics. 

Build Your Creation Apologetic
Your Lutheran Response to Evolution

You can learn a solid response to evolution, and use that apologetic with confidence, even if you know little or nothing about science. There is no need to learn hard-to-understand scientific arguments against evolution or for creation. 

Can Witnessing a Miracle Lead to Faith?
by Mark Bergemann

A scriptural case for defending the faith using extra-biblical arguments (claims from history, science, logic, etc.)

second edition
by Mark Bergemann

This lesson book condenses 263 pages of articles into seven lessons in a 48-page booklet.

Apologetics in Lutheranism -The Doctrine
of Creation in Lutheran Apologetics

Allen Quist, 2014, 30 pages
Evidence and argument from sources apart from Scripture are a useful and important part of Christian apologetics in that they lay bare and condemn the presumption of unbelief and skepticism, but they neither verify nor authenticate Scripture as God's revelation. ...In its broad sense, apologetics includes the use of the law to show the folly of unbelief, and also the use of the gospel in giving the reason for Christian hope. ... Historical and other external evidence.
[This 30 page essay examines the evidence for evolution presented by Bill Nye in his debate with Ken Ham.]
Essential Tools for the Creationist
Patrick Winkler, LSI Journal, 2010, 7 pages
A. Thoroughly and persistently distinguish between scientific 1 issues and theological 2 issues.
B. Clearly distinguish between what the Bible says and, especially, what the Bible does not say.
C. Clearly and fully understand the definitions of terms which are being used.

Is This Battle our Battle?
Cleone Weigand, LSI Journal 2000, 2 pages.
Is the battle over content in science teaching in the public schools our battle?

Case for Creation Science
Warren Krug, LSI Journal, 2010, 3 pages
This opinion piece is based on a presentation delivered to the WELS Metro Milwaukee Teachers' Conference in March, 2010.
Excerpt: "Certainly the Bible's creation account must be accepted by faith alone "creation ex nihilo" in six consecutive 24 hour days, Adam and Eve, the fall into sin, etc. However, this is not the same thing as demonstrating that nothing in science really contradicts the creation account. Much of God's creation can also be observed as we study the universe using scientific methods."

The Place of Reason in Defending the
Christian Faith - with ministry ideas
regarding creation/evolution

Mark Bergemann, LSI Journal 2012, 32 pages
Part 1 What the Bible Teaches about Reason.
Part 2 Scriptural Examples of Arguments from Reason.
Part 3 Skeptics Exposed to the Gospel.
Part 4 Ministry Considerations Regarding Creation.

The Real Danger in Subscribing to Darwinism
Editorial Comment by Warren Krug
LSI Journal, 2007, 1 page
Excerpt:  "At times I am somewhat puzzled by answers some creationists give when asked why true Christians can't be evolutionists.  ... So, I believe the first answer to the question 'Why can't Christians believe in evolution?' should be 'Because it destroys the need for Christ.'"
Views expressed on this website are those of the author and not necessarily the view of LSI.   

Learn to Converse With Evolutionists 
Mark Bergemann, fall 2021 
   You Can Be a Happy Atheist--conversation with Richard Dawkins.
   Sending People to Hell--conversation with an agnostic.
   Certainty of Science vs. Certainty of Scripture.

Learn to Critique Evolution Textbooks
Mark Bergemann, summer 2021 
People often ask me, “What creation apologetic books do you recommend?” “Should I read Darwin’s 1859 book, or Morris’ 1961 The Genesis Flood, or maybe the newest bestseller by a creationist?” This article is an expanded version of how I respond to such questions.

Narrow Luheran Middle Road For Creation
Mark Bergemann, LSI Journal Spring 2016
excerpt: There is a narrow Lutheran middle road regarding Creation.  Let’s travel that narrow road while not falling into the ditches on either side.  The ditch on one side incorrectly sees arguments from reason as able to aid in creating or sustaining faith.  The ditch on the other side incorrectly sees no place at all for arguments from reason in our apologetic (in our defense of the faith).
Creation Apologetics Used in the WELS
Mark Bergemann, 2016, video 45 minutes
This video (transcript avaiable) explores the various creation apologetics used in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).  We will learn that WELS pastors, teachers, authors, and laity are not only concerned that we should address the temptation of evolution, but they are also concerned about HOW we address evolution.  We will examine the great diversity of creation apologetics used in the WELS, and see that several of those apologetics present opposing claims.

Survey of Creation Apologetics Used in the WELS
Mark Bergemann, LSI Journal winter2016
28 page report:  Nearly 1,000 WELS pastors, teachers, staff ministers, and lay Sunday School teachers completed a creation apologetics survey in fall 2015.  The WELS consistently and correctly teaches the Biblical position of a recent creation and a world-wide flood.  That said, we do hold various thoughts on how to approach the lie of evolution.
A collection of 7 Articles from 2014 and 2015.  The April-June 2014 issue of the LSI Journal was dedicated to a discussion of creation apologetics in the WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod). 
Witnessing in a World
Where Evolution Claims “There Is No God”

Mark Bergemann, LSI Journal, 2015, 10 pages.
Part 1: Why Confront Evolution in Your Witness?
Part 2: Handling Evolution in Your Witness.
Part 3: Evolution/Creation – Two Starting Points.
Part 4: Evolution is Incompatible with the Christian Faith.

Creation Science, Inerrancy and Answers
Editorial Comment by Warren Krug
LSI Journal, 2013, 1 page.

Can Evolutionists Be Neutral?
Mark Bergemann, LSI Journal, 2010, 3 pages.
Excerpt: "In summary, everyone, both the creationist and the evolutionist, is biased in his examination of the evidence. The creationist has a religious belief that there is a Creator God. The evolutionist has a religious belief that there is not a Creator God. Scientific investigation can be used to examine evidence in light of the creationists’ faith-based world view or in light of the evolutionists’ faith-based world view. The creation/evolution debate is a competition between two incompatible faith-based world views."