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Book/DVD List

Books/DVDs by Confessional Lutherans
presenting various views

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Views expressed on this website, especially those from sources other than LSI, are not necessarily the views of LSI.  LSI is a WELS group.  There is theological variance between the WELS and some of the Confessional Lutheran church bodies represented in books on this page. 


Proclaiming the Truth of Jesus
to a Postmodern World

by Allen Quist
2014 by Books of the Way

Apologetics (defending the faith) from both Scripture and from reason regarding Christ, evolution, and postmodernism.

83 pages. 
Digging For Insights
-Using Archeology to Study the Bible

by John F. Brug
2010 by NPH

Background resources to help you read and understand the text of Scripture.

205 pages.    purchase at NPH
Life's Big Question
- God's Big Answers

by Brad Alles
2010 by CPH

Contents and Leader Guide

159 pages, purchase at NPH.   purchase at CPH
A Commentary On Genesis 1-11
by Carl J Lawrenz and John C Jeske
2004 by NPH

Carl Lawrenz and John Jeske, have, between them, taught courses on Genesis to every class of students at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, Wisconsin, for half a century. Each author brings a scholar's knowledge of biblical Hebrew, a high view of Scripture as the verbally inspired and inerrant written Word of God, and a keen understanding of God's plan of salvation centered in Jesus Christ.

About Genesis 7 they write, "The preceding paragraphs are not an attempt to prove in a lawyer-like way the truthfulness of the Genesis flood account or to somehow make it more believable.  Our purpose is to help the earnest Bible student visualize more clearly this important chapter of world history, and especially of Bible history.  Finally, what God says is true whether it seems reasonable or not.

339 pages, hardcover.    purchase at NPH  
Creation - God Made All Things
People's Bible Teachings series
by Cleone H. Weigland
2000 by NPH

15 chapters, each about how God made something: life, atoms, light, land, sea, time, body, sky, etc. 

The author has served on the LSI Board of Directors.

176 pages   purchase at NPH
Out Of Nothing:
The World, Creation, and Faith
Bible Study

by Steve Misch
2009 by Lutheran Hour Ministries Men's Network

Six parts:
How Can I Know?
When is a Day Just a Day?
Human Authority vs. Divine Authority
Faith Meeting Facts part 1
Faith Meeting Facts part 2
Foundation for Evangelism

DVD 76 minutes
pdf study guide is on DVD
pdf is free by registering at the links below

purchase DVD from LHM Men's Network
Body Of Evidence
by Dr. David Menton
2011 by AIG

Set of 8 DVDs about the various systems of the human body from a Christian view.  Cells, Tissue, skeletal, integumentary, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, ear, and eye. 
Dr. Menton holds membership in a CLC congregation.

purchase at AIG
The People's Bible series
by John C. Jeske
1991 / 2001 by NPH

Excerpt:  "Many Bible students today treat chapters 1-11 as symbolic, as sort of a parable.  But as you read the flood narrative, you recognize at once that this does not read like a parable.  The precise dating of events by year, month, and day of Noah's life, for example, convince us that this is historical narrative.  ... If I am free to call the flood narrative a parable, what's to stop me from calling the teaching of Christ's virgin birth, the account of Christ's bodily resurrection, or the prophesy of his second coming a parable?"

406 pages   purchase at NPH 
A Christian Perspective On Creation vs. Evolution
by Michael L. McCoy
1996 by CPH

For individual or group Bible study.  Explores the worldview of the evolutionist, contrasting the philosophy and beliefs of those who believe in evolution with the Biblical teaching of creation.

76 pages  OUT OF PRINT
The Vast Wastelands of Unbelief
by Jeffrey Stueber
2014 Tate Publishing
This book surveys and critiques the claims made by dozens of well-known atheists.  Learn through actual atheist quotes how they claim morality, conscience, and belief in god came about through unguided evolution.  Study the claims you may hear while witnessing to atheists, skeptics, and free thinkers.  Quotes are documented in 192 endnotes. 

The author serves on the LSI Board of Directors.  He writes:
   “So God is worth ruminating on to such a degree that even skeptics cannot stop thinking about him.” (page 22)
   “What I have clearly done here is show her [Susan Blackmore] beliefs are internally inconsistent –as much as if I had issued a statement to a friend of mine that everything I say is a lie and then told him that I was lying.” (page 47)
164 pages     Now available FREE online at Wordpress 

The First Four Days 
-The Creation of the Universe:
an Annotated Account

by Delmar Dobberpuhl
2011 by Delmar Dobberpuhl

Physicist Delmar Dobberpuhl masterfully explains the scientific side of how God created the universe and rapidly matured it from Days 1 through 4 of the creation week. Instead of beginning with science and attempting to mold Scripture to fit it, Dobberpuhl starts his analysis with God's Word and describes the scientific processes that were involved in each step of the creation and maturation of a perfect habitat for mankind.  Dobberpuhl holds membership in a WELS congregation.
203 pages.     purchase at Amazon
Noah - Obedient Builder
by John A. Braun
2004 by NPH

quote: "Those who believe what the Bible says about Noah and the flood are not a group of demented fanatics.  They are rational people. Some have advanced degrees in sciences.  But the test for truth is not whether or not it sounds reasonable, but whether or not God has revealed it. 

Answers the questions:
-- Did the flood actually happen?
-- How could all the animals fit on the ark?
-- Did dinosaurs make the trip?
-- Is the ark still on Ararat?

Contents and sample pages

42 pages,  purchase from NPH
In Search Of The Genesis World
-Debunking The Evolution Myth

by Dr. Erich A. Von Fange
2006 by CPH

Contents and sample pages

purchase from CPH
Ten Truths About Evolution
That Everyone Should Know

by Allen Quist
2014 by Books of the Way

Apologetics (defending the faith) from both Scripture and from reason regarding Christ, evolution, and postmodernism.

48 pages.    
The Flood in the Light of
the Bible, Geology, and archaeology
by Dr. Alfred M. Rehwinkel
1968/1951 by CPH

Review and summary by Krug
Review by Lawrenz
Review by Sponholz

How can we explain the coming together of all the animals and birds from all parts of the world at one time?  How was it possible for eight people to feed and provide drink for all the different animals in the Ark for over a year?  How was it possible for them to clean the Ark?  Where did all the water come from?  Is there actually enough water on our planet to cover the entire earth?  What became of all the water when the Flood subsided?  Did the Flood waters rise to an elevation to cover such lofty heights as Pike's Peak, Mount Everest, Mount McKinley?

272 pages,   purchase at CPH  
Genes, Genesis, and Evolution
by Dr. John W. Klotz
1955 by CPH

The American Library Association awarded this book its annual award in the area of "Outstanding Religious Books" for its lucid presentation and engagement with the fundamental tenets of Darwinism. Dr. John Klotz was a well-known PhD biologist who was passionate about helping the Church engage intelligently with the theories of evolution. Dr. Klotz sets forth the case against the theory that higher organisms developed from lower organisms.   WELS MLC professor Martin Sponholz called Klotz, "A long time Christian warrior against the non-biblical evolutionary sciences."

554 pages, hardcover.    purchase at CPH
Formed To Fly
by Dr. David Menton
2007 by AIG

Dr. Menton holds membership in a CLC congregation.  61 minute DVD
purchase at AIG