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Noah's Flood
Noah's Ark and Flood with animals enterring

Confessional Lutheran Resources
on the Global Flood and Noah's Ark.

Geologic Column
by Mark Bergemann, 12 pages

Before 1790 it was common for scientists to accept Noah’s Flood as the best scientific explanation for the source of fossil containing rock layers.  The various fossil containing rock layers seem to reflect the places on earth (and the elevation) where these plants and creature lived before they were buried by the Flood, the sequence they were buried during and after the Flood, their ability to temporarily escape the Flood, and hydrodynamic sorting factors of the Flood waters.

Creation-Evolution Q&A 
Warren Krug, LSI Journal 2013. 

Question #18: What evidence is there for a global flood?
Excerpt: In addition to what we read in Genesis, there is a surprising amount of evidence that the earth once experienced a global flood. 

Question #19: Was Noah’s Ark large enough to handle all the animals that would have boarded the vessel?
Excerpt:  People who have a hard time picturing how all the animals could have fit on Noah’s ark often make at least one or two basic errors. First, they underestimate the size of Noah’s ark.
  ... Secondly, these people greatly overestimate the number of animals that would have been on board.  ... The biggest error in overestimating the number of animals on the ark is to equate the biblical kind with today’s species.

The Flood According to Rehwinkel
Warren Krug, LSI Journal, 2010, 6 pages.
Review of a famous Lutheran book "The Flood in the Light of the Bible, Geology, and Archaeology" by Dr. Alfred Rehwinkel.
See our LSI Book LIst for other reviews of this book and where the book can be purchased.

Views expressed on this website are those of the author and not necessarily the view of LSI.  
Staff Minister Mark Kjenstad of
St Andrew Lutheran Church in Middleton, WI,
interviews Mark Bergemann for a
Bible class on the Flood (august 2022).

Classroom Activity--Measuring the Ark
A great learning activity for all ages (4K–grade 12, even adults), is to go outside and mark off the actual size of Noah’s Ark.  This article provides some ideas on how this might be done.

Noah--Preacher of Righteousness
Devotion on 2 Peter 2:5

Beyond Genesis
The Flood is Taught Throughout Scripture

Was the Flood Worldwide?
Critics use Scripture to claim the Flood was regional.

Miracles in the Flood
It appears that the Flood included multiple miracles.

The Cataclysm
Eric Blievernicht, LSI Journal, 2002, 3 pages.
Excerpt: "Today geologic uniformitarianism is almost universally recognized to have shortcomings and to be unable to explain all geologic data. Neo-catastrophism has developed, which teaches that the earth has suffered many small catastrophes such as meteor impacts, massive vulcanism, local floods and earthquakes. However, they still try to minimize the evidence for catastrophism by always reverting back to slow and gradual uniformitarianism wherever possible. As a result evidence for the Cataclysm [Noah's Flood] is broken up into a thousand different minor disasters believed to have taken place in the past, with invisible periods of time passing between each."

The Flood and How It Relates to Science
by Ted Nommensen, LSI Journal 2005, 9 pages.
The earth before the Flood.
The purpose for the Flood.
The chronological events of the Flood as related in the Bible.
The effects on plants during the Flood.
The effects on animals living at the time of the Flood.
The possible effect on the geology of the Earth as a result of the Flood.