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Origin of Life
DNA origin of life
Confessional Lutheran Resources
on the Origin of Life

Evolutionists Say Amazing Things:
Paul Davies: "We Do Not Know."

Mark Bergemann, LSI Journal 2017, 2 pages.
This is an amazing admission from an expert in the evolutionary theory of how life began. His words mean that over the past 150 years, evolutionists have learned almost nothing about how non-living chemicals became the first living thing. This champion of evolution claims that in 1859 Darwin was “in the dark” as to how life began without a creator, and we are still “in the dark” today. I agree. No one knows how non-living chemicals could ever self-assemble into life, even over an infinite length of time.
Essays on Origins
Dr. David Menton, 1996
Essay #4: The Origin of Life
Excerpt: "Evolutionists have tried to get around this problem by invoking long periods of time in the hope that, given enough time, virtually anything is possible - except, of course, special creation. ... Evolutionists, who must essentially invoke miracles without God, have no other choice than to believe in chance events so improbable they undermine the statistical foundation on which modern science rests."

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Scientists Still Struggling to Explain
the Origin of Life

Warren Krug
pages 25-27 in the summer 2016 LSI Journal
Excerpt: "Secular scientists believe life on Earth began more than 3 billion years ago, evolving from simple microbes in a “primordial soup” into today’s many complex creatures. But how did life get started? These scientists have at least seven different theories."

Bill Nye Video
Bill Nye explains the origin of life in this short video. 
A creationist critque follows.  

Abiogenesis - Whence Came Life?
Eric Blievernicht, LSI Journal, 2013, 5 pages
Excerpt: "Origin of life research is not enabling Darwinian fundamentalists to propose better and better theories for the origin of life without intelligent design. Instead they are stalemated and following the siren song of biochemical predestination, which only takes them from the frying pan to the fire. The known laws of science, from information science to biology, reveal that information requires an intelligent creator, language even more so. Life comes from life, and ultimately from a self-existent (uncaused) Living Creator with the competence to create life." 

How Did Life Begin?
Mark Bergemann, LSI Journal 2005, 3 pages.
Excerpt: "There are two competing world views regarding origins:
1. Evolution teaches us that stars have changed into people over billions of years, and that there never was a worldwide flood.
2. Creation teaches us that God created everything, including stars and people, thousands of years ago, and that there really was a worldwide flood. 
We all see the same fossils, same rocks, same animals, and same universe.  Why are there two world views?"