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You Can Help
    Pray for God's Guidance of LSI
  • Thank you so much for your prayers.  
    God's direction is essential to everything we do.

    Some suggested prayer items:
    1.  Thank God for guiding LSI to this day and for our recent ministry growth.
    2.  Thank God for blessing LSI with leaders who not only study science, but more importantly study Scripture.
    3.  Request God’s direction as we evaluate current programs and plan new ones.
    4.  Pray for additional volunteers to carry out a growing list of ministry tasks.
    5.  Ask our Lord to bless LSI with more authors to write classroom apologetics units and LSI Journal articles.
    6.  Pray for those who are enticed by evolution’s claim that there is no god. 

    Ask your congregation to help
  • Ask your congregation to join the congregations supporting LSI financially. 

    -- Door offering: an opportunity for your worshippers to donate after worship.
    -- Have your school or church group designate LSI for their mission offering.
    -- Add LSI to your congregation's mission budget.
    Tell others about LSI and what LSI has to offer.
  • You can be a champion for LSI in your home congregation, school, family, and elsewhere.  Tell others about the LSI website, blog, Facebook page, and LSI Journal.  Talk about a recent LSI Journal article or blog.  Encourage others to join LSI.  
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    Voting Member  —Dues      member application (or renewal)
    LSI members show a much stronger level of support for this ministry.  They enjoy the same benefits as subscribers, plus the ability to vote in LSI elections.  Members of WELS, ELS, or other CELC congregations are eligible to become LSI members.  Members must accept the LSI Statement of Belief (Article II LSI Constitution).  Dues are $29 annually, or $59 for 3 years. 

    While LSI is a WELS organization, it receives no funding or support from the WELS.  Please consider supporting LSI in every way you are able.


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  • LSI is funded through generous gifts from people like you.

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    as a subordinate organization of the
    Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). 

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    Recommend a topic for our LSI Blog
  • LSI Blog - Searching the internet for science articles of interest to Christians

    Our LSI Blog normally comments on current news related to science or society.  Submit suggested news articles to our Blog Writer.

    Become an LSI Board member
  • Any voting member of a WELS, ELS, other  CELC congregtion can seek to be nominated for a position on the LSI Board of Directors.  Contact us for more details.

    Submit your name, or recommend some one else, by contacting LSI.

    Become an LSI Technical Advisor
  • Members of WELS, ELS, or other CELC congregations who have expertise in areas of science or theology are invited to apply to be an LSI Technical Advisor.  Contact LSI.

LSI is Expanding
LSI Journal
Circulation of the LSI Journal increased 60% from 2018 to 2019 (to an average of 2,233 copies per issue, 1,879 print and the rest pdf). 
For the Classroom
Apologetic materials for 5K – grade 12 were published in the spring and fall 2019 LSI Journals, a first step toward fulfilling the long-term goal of producing an apologetic curriculum.
LSI Lesson Book
The LSI Lesson Book, “Evolution –a Lutheran Response,” is now being used as a text book in high schools and colleges, and also in dozens of adult Bible studies.  An expanded 48-page 2nd edition of the LSI Lesson Book was published, and 5,000 copies were printed.  Free print copies were mailed to all WELS congregations, all ELS pastors, and 338 religion and science teachers at our high schools and colleges. 
3-year Growth
In three years (2017-2019), circulation of the LSI Journal has increased by 218%, and membership is up over 55%.  More pastors and teachers contact LSI for creation apologetic assistance than ever before. 

2018 Highlights
A committee of teachers has been appointed and has begun to produce creation apologetic materials for grade schools.  Some preliminary lessons may be published in late 2019 and early 2020 editions of the LSI Journal.

Circulation of the LSI Journal rose by 7% to over 1,339 copies per quarterly issue. 

LSI membership grew by 14% to 319. 

The LSI Board approved a 2019 budget of $9,700, a 73% increase over our 2018 budget of $5,600.  Increased spending is primarily due to a planned increase in LSI presence at conferences and conventions in 2019.

2017 Highlights
LSI Journals are used as textbooks for a new online creation apologetics course at Martin Luther College. 

Northwestern Publishing House began selling copies of the LSI Journal in its retail store for $2.95. 

The Library of Congress assigned an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) to the LSI Journal. 

Circulation of the LSI Journal rose by 55% to over 1,200. 

The number of schools and congregations receiving mailings of the print journal increased by 83% to 338. 

LSI Journal layout is now done with professional InDesign software, and the journal is now printed professionally with full page color. 

LSI membership grew by 21% to 288. 

The LSI Board approved a 2018 budget of $5,600, a 17% increase over our 2017 budget of $4,800.  

We closed 2017 in the black, with more income than expenses.  

 In May of 2014, the LSI Board approved a program of planned expansion for LSI.  In the three years since, circulation of the LSI Journal is up over 600%, and membership is up over 110%.  More pastors and teachers contact LSI for creation apologetic assistance than ever before. 

2016 Highlights

LSI Journal Circulation
up 343% in 2016
(circulation in 2015: 226;  circulation in 2016: 776)

paper up 608%  (was 74 now 524)
-electronic up 302%  (was 61 now 245)

New Features in LSI Journal

Arguments Creationists Should Never Use

Evolutionists Say Amazing Things

Know Evolution

Book Review



Conference Presentations
Eight presentations
(More than the previous 3 years combined)


LSI Membership
up 21% in 2016  (up from 196 to 237)

2015 Highlights

29th year publishing the LSI Journal

2,800 volunteer hours by members

978 people took LSI creation survey

1,665 article reprints distributed

25,825 Facebook views

12,874 website visits

5 conference displays

60 people joined LSI

120,826 Blog views

Began on-line Q&A