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Bill Nye Explains Evolution

Bill Nye explains how evolutionists imagine that
hydrogen gas turned into people, over billions of years, all by itself.

Watch Nye's 2 minute video below (over 1.5 million views), read our commentary below,
and finally watch our LSI video, which goes through the evolution story in more detail. 

Origin of Life
    Nye states, "Molecules just happen.  ...Somehow, probably with energy from the sun, these molecules hooked together and accidentally found ways to reproduce themselves the same way crystals reproduce themselves." 
    This is how Nye explains how non-living chemicals self assembled into a living cell.  Those who defend the evolution story often use things observed to be true (molecules do self assemble to make crystals) as the evidence for things that seem impossible based on science (how non-living chemicals could self assemble into life).  Randomly making and then accumulating in one place all the extremely complex non-living chemicals needed for life (amino acids, proteins, lipids, DNA and RNA, carbohydrates, etc.) in the required quantities of thousands upon thousands, is a large chain of impossibilities no matter how much time passes.  Even if you have these non-living chemicals all in one place, no one knows how to make them into a living cell.  For more see LSI page: Origin of Life 

Single Cell Life, to Bacteria, to Humans
    Nye continues, "These self-replicating molecules could not make perfect copies of themselves, and the imperfections that helped them make more copies stayed there, kept getting reproduced and reproduced and reproduced, and pretty soon you had a complicated things like bacteria."    
   This is how Nye explains single celled creatures evolving into humans.  The Biblical "kind" of animal is not the same as the modern term "species."  There are many species in most kinds.  Each kind of animal can develop large variations due to natural selection.  No new kinds of animals ever develop, but some kinds, like the dinosaurs, have gone extinct.  Again, those who defend the evolution story often use things observed to be true (natural selection does produce new species, such as new cat species) as the evidence for things that seem impossible based on science (how new kinds of animals come to be, such as the dog kind).  New kinds of creatures have NEVER been observed.  Even the fossil record shows distinct kinds with at most a handful of very questionable transitional kinds.  For more see LSI pages: Fossils and Rocks   Ape to Man  Dinosaurs   Natural Selection  

With Enough Time the Impossible is Probable
   Nye continues, "The key to this is time, time, time."

Nye and other evolutionists assume that given enough time, ANYTHING can happen.  This is nonsense.  Impossible things NEVER happen, even with infinite time and infinite universes (some evolutionists propose an infinite number of universes, and we are in the lucky universe where intelligent life evolved).  For more see LSI pages: Dating Methods
commentary by LSI president Mark Bergemann