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Survey of Creation Apologetics

Nearly 1,000 WELS pastors, teachers, staff ministers, and lay Sunday School teachers completed a creation apologetics survey in fall 2015.  The WELS consistently and correctly teaches the Biblical position of a recent creation and a world-wide flood.  That said, we do hold various thoughts on how to approach the lie of evolution.

Survey Report - 28 pages
Apendix 1 - Survey Questions 4 pages
Appendix 2 - Survey Comments 68 pages

Principal Conclusions
1. Many or most WELS called workers see evolution as a significant issue for the church.
2. WELS called workers overwhelmingly agree that our schools should teach some of the scientific problems faced by evolution.
3. Many WELS called workers see a need for good creation apologetic materials.
4. There is a wide diversity of creation apologetic methods used by our WELS called workers.
5. Our WELS called workers are split on how to define “science.”  One definition sees evolution as science.  The other definition sees the exact opposite: evolution is not science.
6. Many WELS called workers have misconceptions about science and evolution.
7. WELS called workers are solidly young earth creationists (YEC).
8. WELS laity who teach Sunday School share these attributes.
9. Many WELS teachers view the effect of science on faith differently than many WELS pastors.
How Should the Church Address the Temptation of Evolution?  735 (75% of 978) respondents answered this question.  The words of a high school teacher seem to summarize what so many of our called workers answered, “Confront it head on using first God's clear Word and how the world began at creation.  Secondly, allow science to be the support for God’s Word, not taking the place of the Word.”  A pastor also provides a good summary, “With Scripture, with science, with apologetics, with honest discussion.” 
516 respondents (70% of those answering this question) specifically mentioned the Means Of Grace, and 235 respondents (32%) advocated using reason or science.  A large portion mentioned both, as do the two quotes above.

Analysis of Creation Apologetics Used in the WELS