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Fossils and Rocks
Trilobite fossil (accurate reproduction)
Confessional Lutheran Resources
on Fossils and Rock Layers.

by Mark Bergemann

This lesson book condenses nearly 200 pages of articles into six lessons covering 24 pages.  See Lesson 6, "Fossils," pages 21-27.

Geologic Column
2018 by Mark Bergemann, 12 pages

Like much of Evolution Theory, the Geologic Column is a mixture of reality and fabrication.  The vast time evolutionists assign to the column is the problem, not the rock layers and  fossils in the column, nor their sequence.  

Dinosaurs: Feathers or Scales?
Mark Bergemann, Pages 27-31, LSI Journal Spring 2016
Excerpt:  Did some dinosaurs have feathers like birds, or did all dinosaurs have scales like lizards?  New evidence is constantly found in the quest to answer this question.  The Milwaukee Public Museum hosted the traveling “Ultimate Dinosaurs” exhibit in March 2016, so I paid $24 admission to see how the above question was answered.

Essays on Origins
Dr. David Menton, 1996

Essay #13 What Do The Fossils Say?  
Excerpt: "Most evolutionists insist that the occurrence of evolution is an indisputable fact, even if it's exact mechanism must remain speculative. Since evolution is believed to occur far too slowly to be discernible in the time frame of human observers, we must examine prehistoric evidence in the fossil record if we are to observe the "fact" of evolution. ... But what does the fossil evidence say, and does it really support the evolutionary view of origins - or is it perhaps more consistent with Creation?"

Essay #14 The Hopeful Monsters of Evolution. 
Excerpt: "Most evolutionists now concede, however, that the fossil record fails to show the progressive transformation of any living organism into a distinctly different kind of organism.  This has presented some nasty difficulties for evolutionists - but they have made it clear that they will not be dissuaded by the mere lack of evidence, nor will they turn to a Creator to explain
this enigma."

Essay #15 Climbing The "Ladder Of Life" In The Grand Canyon.

Views expressed on this website are those of the author and not necessarily the view of LSI.  

Fossils in the Geologic Column
-Problems for the Evolutionist

2018 by Mark Bergemann, 16 pages
   “Extinct” Plants and Animals Found Living
   “Discontinuous” Animal and Plant Groups
   New Dinosaur Family Tree
   Placing Humans in Evolution’s Tree of Life
   Punctuated Equilibrium

Did Dinosaurs Roam the Earth?
by Mark Bergemann, 2020, 12 pages
A Critique of the Created Fossil Apologetic.

Evolution's Tree of Life
Mark Bergemann, pages 28-29 LSI Journal winter 2016
excerpt:  The evolution story puts forth a tree of life with an imagined first life form turning into every animal that has ever existed.  Darwin’s 1837 tree of life is shown above.  Evolutionists propose that all creatures, including humans, descended from a single common ancestor.  A different tree of life can be drawn based on the truth God reveals in Scripture, and on what we observe about the world around us.  This would actually be a forest of trees such as the image shown on the next page.

The Cambrian Explosion Paradox
Warren Krug, LSI Journal, 2012, 6 pages
Excerpt:"The "explosion" refers to the sudden appearance of all sorts of creatures in the Cambrian rocks, as if the evolution of animals suddenly exploded onto the scene following a long period of very little action. As we shall see, this event is a mystery that evolutionary paleontologists and other scientists have difficulty explaining."

Creation-Evolution Q&A 
Warren Krug, LSI Journal 2013.

Question #9: Hasn’t the fossil record demonstrated Darwinian evolution?

Question #13, What about human evolution?

The Enigma of Living Fossils
by Warren Krug, LSI Journal, 2011, 4 pages.
Excerpt: "The coelacanth fish is just one of hundreds of examples of what are referred to as “living fossils.”  The so-called living fossils are not a problem for Bible-believing scientists, but they are a puzzle – a hard to explain enigma for secular researchers who accept the theory of evolution and who believe that the earth is millions and billions of years old."