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Ape to Man?
Evolution Ape to Man
Confessional Lutheran Resources
on the claim that Ape-like Creatures
are Our Ancestors

Placing Humans in Evolution’s Tree of Life
2018 by Mark Bergemann
part of "Fossils in the Gelogic Column"
pages 17-32 in the spring LSI Journal

"Where to place a given creature on evolution’s tree of life is often rather arbitrary, since so much rests on interpretation of which features are the most, and which are the least, important.  ...Evolutionists often run into problems in their attempt to choose one Biblical kind as the ancestor of another.  Here is a second example: Top evolutionary experts disagree on how to place people into evolution’s common descent tree of life."

How Religious Were Neanderthals?
Warren Krug, LSI Journal 2017, 2 pages.
First, it is most certainly not “clear” that Neanderthals were merely our “cousins” and not us. Isn’t the fact they mated with humans and passed down their genes to modern humans proof that they must have been members of our human species as well?

Essays on Origins
Dr. David Menton, 1996

Essay #7:  If We Resemble Apes, Does That Mean
We Evolved From Apes?

Exerpt: "One of the problems with the similarity = evolutionary ancestry axiom is that evolutionists ignore it whenever it doesn't fit their evolutionary scenarios. There are many instances of remarkable similarities between animals that evolutionists consider to be only distantly related. "

Essay #8:  Is The Human Embryo Essentially A Fish
With Gills?

Excerpt: "Embryologists are now aware that the embryos of each species of animal are unique and dynamically functional systems. The human embryo does not become human at some point during its development, rather it is uniquely human at every stage of its development."

Essay #9: The Human Tail, and Other Tales of Evolution

Essay #21: Making Man Out of Monkeys

Essay #22: Making Monkeys Out of Man

Grasping for Straws - The Indonesian 'Hobbit'
Warren Krug, LSI Journal, 2004, 1 page.

Excerpt: "Working on a remote Indonesian island, Australian scientists have reported the finding of bones of a human dwarf species which they have named Homo floresiensis or Flores Man and nicknamed "The Hobbit" after JRR Tolkien’s fantasy creatures."

Views expressed on this website are those of the author and not necessarily the view of LSI.  
Human or Ape, No In-between
Mark Bergemann, LSI Journal 2017, 2 pages.
Humans have always been humans. Apes have always been apes. How then do evolutionists claim to have bones of part human, part ape creatures? The evolution story is a mixture of reality and fabrication. Evolutionists’ claims for human evolution are an example of that truth. Evolutionists start with real bones, fossils, and artifacts. These remains are from humans and apes who lived and died in the past. That is the truth part. Then the fabrication begins.
Natural Selection -know evolution series
Mark Bergemann, LSI Journal 2016, 5 pages.

The evolution story is a mixture of reality and fabrication.  Natural selection is a great example of this truth.  

Reality: Natural selection produces new species of plants and animals.  
Fabrication: The claim that natural selection produces new kinds of plants and animals.  
There are many species in most Biblical kinds.  Every kind of plant and animal which exists today, or which has gone extinct, was created by God thousands of years ago during the six days of creation.  No new kinds ever develop.  New species develop all the time, but always within their own kind.  Birds did not descend from dinosaurs, they descended from birds.  People did not descend from apelike creatures, they descended from people.
Evolutionists and Creationists Often Agree
There are many points of agreement on natural selection
Mark Bergemann, 2019

16 pages
Let’s examine how one of the most famous champions of evolution, Richard Dawkins, describes natural selection’s ability to produce new Biblical kinds.  See the amazingly weak evidence Dawkins presents (in 124 pages of his best selling book) for how evolution changed "a fish into a human."  The evidence is that should "imagine" it happening.
Creation-Evolution Q&A 
Warren Krug, LSI Journal 2013.

Question #12. Were there really cavemen?
Excerpt: "Of the so-called cavemen, Neanderthals are the best known.  Recent research has uncovered interesting facts about these early humans.  They had all the physical features needed to talk normally; they cooked their food; they wore make-up; they made tools as advanced as those of other humans of the time; and – most important of all – DNA evidence indicates that they interbred with other humans, confirming they are the same species or race as are we.  One computer rendering of a young female Neanderthal based on a specimen shows her with fair skin, red hair, and not looking much different from some young lady in your town."

Question #13. What about human evolution?