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Evolution--A Christian Response

Part 1: Key Concepts 
272 MB, 6:25

Part 2: Evolution and Creation Contrasted 
415 MB, 7:17 

Part 3: Did God Use Evolution To Create?   
330 MB, 7:14

Part 4: Our Thinking Ability   
269 MB, 6:43

Part 5: The Nature of Science 
312 MB, 8:27

Part 6: A Christian Response   
394 MB, 8:27

Part 7: Natural Selection   
382 MB, 9:25

Part 8: Can a Fish Transform Into a Human?   
365 MB, 8:51

Part 9: Dating Methods   
302 MB, 8:47

Part 10: Fossils   
303 MB, 9:18